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Ugly Shyla

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This is a community to keep updated with my art/Dolls,Modeling,News and updates.Basically this is a LJ for me to pimp my art.

I'm a mentaly disturbed fine art/surreal doll artist from down south.Above all a Artist but I'm also a model,actress,singer,drop out and a fuck up.
I'm a doll artist for a living and I also model because it helps to promote my dolls and art.
And I'm not one of those girls that just fancies themselves a model or actress.I have had my pic taken,sometimes even by well known photographers and I have actually been in a movie and been paid for it.
If you disagree with what I say then here is a tip DON'T READ it.If I want you opinion on how wrong I am I will beat it out of you.It's like they say if you can't take the heat,stay out of the fucking fire!

Travel and Event Updates.
None listed yet.

Oh and yea and GODDAMN IT I'M NOT GOTH!

My doll site http://www.uglyart.org
The Ugly Shyla Yahoo Group
My 3 legged cat Scooter's Websiteand his Live Journal
My Live Journal community for us freaks to talk about our pets. Subculture_Pets

My gorgeous best friend Stich's band.

"I didn't fuck for what I got I fucking FOUGHT!!!

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